Riddles and Jokes


A boy and his father were having supper one evening, looking straight into his father eyes he said

- “Daddy there is something I want to talk to you about”

the father replied and said

- “Son, how many times have I told you not to talk at the table?”

-“But dad I need to talk”

-“No!” this father insisted.

They finished their super silently.

Sometimes later at the parlour after supper, this father asked his son

-“What was it you wanted to say at the table earlier?”

-“It is not important anymore Dad” I wanted to tell you that there was  big maggot in the guava you ate but you said I should not talk at the table and you ate it up.



- What goes up but does not move?

- If an electric train goes north, where will the smokes go?

- if a cockerel stays on the roof, where will the layed egg land?

- What has holes, but yet holds water?

- You own me but people use me more than you

- Which month has 28 days?

- What alphabet is a part of the body?



1. Staircase

2. Does not have smoke

3. Cockerel don’t lay eggs

4. A sponge

5. Name

6. All the months

7. “I” (EYE)



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