1. We are students of Sacred Heart College, Ring Road.

We are special wards to special college.

 Founded in the year of our Lord 1996.

By the Archdiocese of Ibadan.


Chorus: Our College, Our College

Dedicated to sound moral

Education to promote collective individual interest

For a service to our nation Nigeria.


2. Sacred Heard College enjoys blessings of wisdom

Restoration, Knowledge, Excellence

Mazoon combined with peach is our uniform

Love, Humility & Service our motto


3. Almighty God help us to retain our honour

Almighty God help us to retain our dignity,

Almighty God help us to retain our glory

So that we can fight against illiteracy.




Full in the panting heart of Rome

Beneath the Apostles crowning Dome

Where pilgrims' lips that kiss the ground

Breathes in all tongues one only sound


Chorus: God bless our Pope!

God bless our Pope!!

God bless our Pope!!!

The Great, The Good.


The golden roof, the marble walls

The vatican's majestic halls

The note redoubles till it fills

With echoes sweet the seven hills



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